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Labour Law

Labour Law is the area of the Law which is, without doubts, more present in our society. Both workers and entrepreneurs find, each day, situations that require the assessment and action of professionals specialized in Labour Law.

Both from the entrepreneur’s point of view and from the worker’s, it is of the uttermost importance, that before they sign a contract, they are informed of their rights and obligations relative to the salary, social insurance, holidays and rules to avoid labour risks, amongst other questions.

During the development of the relation Entrepreneur-Worker, there are multiple conflicts that can arise, being the action of a Lawyer needed to find a solution outside the Court or, at the worse, in Court.

Unfortunately, the end of a work agreement can be, at most times, traumatic. Our professionals can assist you in these cases to obtain the best possible benefit- in the worker’s case, or to avoid costs – in the entrepreneur’s case-, in the case of a dismissal caused by the entrepreneur, disciplinary dismissal, collective dismissal of workers or resignation of the worker.

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