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Commercial Law

Both the individual entrepreneurs and companies, in the development of their daily activity, need to have Legal Advisors to asses them in the legal questions that might arise each day.

Our Legal Advisors, which are a team of experienced Law professionals, can help you as an entrepreneur in three different moments:

• Acquiring the condition of entrepreneur; before incorporating a company, there can be doubts about which is the right company form for your enterprise. Our Legal Advisors will inform you about the best solution for your company. No matter if you will exercise commerce as an individual entrepreneur or as a company, a series of requirements are needed and we will help you accomplish them.

• During the development of your enterprise activity, we can also offer you the services of our Legal Advisors. During the life of a company, there are many situations in which the advice of the Lawyers of Daniel Cano & Associates can be of help. We can assist you with the following:

1. Legal Tax Assessment.- The entrepreneurs must accomplish, each year, a series of obligations with the Tax Agency – IVA Tax (Spanish VAT), IRPF (Spanish Individual Tax), Company Tax-. Our Firm can help you lessen the tax burden.

2. Legal Assessment in Labour tax and Social Security.- The majority of companies have dependant workers at their service. Our Legal Advisors will inform you about your rights and obligations, granting you the assistance you need.

Loss of the Condition of Entrepreneur.- In certain occasions, the entrepreneur stops his activity, or, simply, this activity transforms itself; for these cases, our team offers you the following services:

1.- Legal Advice about Merges, Amalgamation, Spin-Off.

2.- Legal Advice about Dissolution and liquidation of Companies.

3.- Legal Advice about Insolvency Proceedings.

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