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Civil Law

Civil Law is the Legal body which is more present in our everyday life, as it rules the private relations amongst persons, in many cases due to a conflict, and in many others it is just a need to create a specific regulation, for that you will need the assistance of professionals who will guide you for a better defence of your rights.

In our Firm, you can find the necessary aid and professional and personalized assistance in all the areas which are included in Civil Law:

Real Estate Rights: This area includes all that is relative to property and the real faculties that are part of it. With our professional assistance you will be able to solve all the problems relative to acquiring property in its different forms, by purchase, acquisition, or acquisitive prescription (acquiring property by possessing continuously as an owner during the time determined by Law), by inheritance or in any other way stated by Law; to constitute or dissolve joint property or joint-ownerships, regulation of special properties, regulations of rights of way, use and enjoyment rights, rights of use and occupancy, etc.

Obligations and Agreements: Our Firm is in a position to assist you with any sort of civil agreements, and to help you with any problem arising from them, for a solution before or outside the Court. This area of Law is especially important as it frequently appears in our daily life through property law: the purchase, sell or letting of properties.

Family Law: In our Firm you will find lawyers specialized in all shorts of matrimonial conflicts, they will assess you confidentially and in a personalized way to carry out your separation or divorce in the less troublesome way possible for your family and for your own interests.

In the same way, you will find a professional team specialized in all shorts of incapacities that will assist you to constitute in Court or to resolve any incidence related to tutorship, guardianship or prodigality.

Rights Concerning Inheritance: UIT the assistance of our Lawyers, we will help you to develop all the proceedings to make a will, with the aim of reflecting your last will and testament. In the same manner, we will help you in the execution of a will, testament or legacy of a deceased relative, developing the inheritance testamentary succession (if there was an existing will) or the abintestate succession (if there is no existing will) in some occasions a Court Ruling will be needed to determine who the inheritors are.

Don’t hesitate; we are waiting for your consultation!

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