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Administrative Law

The Public Administration adopts decisions, on a daily basis, which affect our lives. Sadly enough, many of these decisions are taken arbitrarily, or unfairly, harming our rights as a private individual or as a Company. To fight these illegitimate situations and to establish again legality, we need to issue an administrative claim.

In other occasions, our intention before the Administration, is to get a right granted. In these cases the aim of the Administrative Claims is that a Public Organism grants us a concession, permit, subsidy or licence. Our team can give you the means and information needed to bring these administrative claims successfully.

It can also happen that the Administrative Claims, although perfectly justified, are over ruled by the Administration, or that these claims are not decided in the needed time. In these cases, we must bring the acknowledgment of our Rights to the Court. With our vast experience on such matters, we can represent you and defend you from the Administration in the Contentious Administrative Courts.

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